6 powerful questions to ask before you hand in your notice

6 powerful questions to ask before you hand in your notice

Job making you miserable? Ready to throw in the towel and hand in your notice..? WAIT! 

That may not be the best decision – you might benefit more by staying. So how can you decide whether it’s time to stay or time to leave..?

Newsflash: The job of a great recruitment consultant isn’t to persuade you to quit your job. The best will provide guidance with your best interests as their top priority.

In the same way a medical consult will ask you questions to make the right diagnosis, your recruiter should ask question like these to help you make the best career decisions.

1. Can you still benefit from staying?

Weigh up the pros and cons (and there are positives, otherwise why did you join your company in the first place?!). Can you still learn something, gain skills, or see a major project through to the end by staying where you are? Is it worth taking a deep breath, focusing on the positives and sticking where you are?

2. Have you explored all options within the company?

If your job has morphed into something you don’t want (more sales, or less client contact, or too much time stuck in the office) then be brave and speak to your line manager. Look at open internal job vacancies within your company and put yourself forward for them. Moving sideways in your company means you have the stability of a company (and bosses!) you know – the grass always seems greener elsewhere…

3. Is it just you?

Are you surrounded by people with the same frustrations? Have you all given clear, rational and constructive reasons to the most senior person you have access to for why you’re not happy? If not, try that rather than just throwing in the towel.

4. Does your CV make you look flakey?

Maybe your last few jobs were horrendous and you had to leave each one after a short time with valid reasons, but take a step back and look at your CV from a recruiter/hiring manager perspective.  ‘Job hopping’ isn’t the CV killer it once was, but staying at a job for a longer stretches still signals to future employers that you’re dependable and reliable. If your CV makes you look flakey then you’re unlikely to even get an interview to explain why you’ve held so many roles.

5. Can you explain why you want to leave?

Imagine your interview at the next company – ‘It  just wasn’t fair, they didn’t like me, they all ganged up on me, I didn’t do enough research and it wasn’t the job I thought it would be’.

Now these might all be true, but they’re not enough. It won’t make you sound like the professional you know you are! Take ownership of your own life and career – if you struggle stand up for yourself then you’ll have the same challenge at your next company. Make sure you can explain what you tried, said or did to address the issues you’re facing.

6. What do others think?

Speak openly to your recruiter and seek advice from a trusted mentor, coach, or someone who knows you well OUTSIDE your company. What do they think you should do? People who aren’t entrenched in the daily grind of office politics sometimes give us really sensible, practical ideas and strategies to make our work lives a whole lot better.

Whether you decide to stay where you are, or accept the job your recruitment consultant finds you, or even find a new job through a different channel, great recruiters will support you at every stage.

And they won’t stop supporting you when make your decision – they’ll continue supporting you as you grow throughout your career.

Think it’s time for a change? Need some advice? Let’s talk.

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