Awakening the Inner Child

If only we could retain the wide eyed curiosity of a child as we mature into adulthood.
The ability to question all that we see, and the absolute pure delight that radiates when knowledge is received and a new skill emerges. We remember these experiences from our own childhood; learning to read, to write, to swim, to cycle, to run fast, to participate in a sporting activity; and to sing and dance. The fear of failure or pain that we gain through the anxieties that we gather as we age restricts our growth and diminishes the joy and pleasure of learning that once energised us when we were young.
The utter joy derived through the eager participation in something new and exhilarating.

How sad that experience provides education but also all too often restrains our instincts to embrace fresh challenges. Joie de vivre can be so easily extinguished if our workplace conspires to suppress our inner child through a debilitating and restraining bureaucratic environment. No freedom to express ourselves; no encouragement or reward to use our creative thoughts and a dictatorial authoritarian culture that is quick to attribute blame, but rarely seeks to praise. Is this the workplace of the 21st Century that we wish to be associated with, a culture that castigates and takes pride in suppressing ingenuity and curiosity?

Children learn through play and having fun, and their carefree attitude towards development and learning is instinctive and normal. Considering that we all work for more hours in a week than we engage in any other activity, it is essential to place ourselves in an enjoyable and empowering environment where we are encouraged to have fun and where we feel no fear when we create and engage in exciting new projects. It is no surprise that the fastest growing businesses in the UK are viewed as having exciting and stimulating environments and attract and retain outstanding talent who in turn create products and services that are greatly admired by customers. It is not as difficult as you may think to establish an empowering work culture, just remember what it felt like to learn as a child, and construct a similar safe, encouraging and caring environment in your business.

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