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Listed below is a range of helpful advice and some brilliant essential top tips for success.

Top CV tips

Use a structured layout and include paragraphs and equal spacing across all lines.

Keep the theme basic and don’t over complicate it with colours and font.

Make the best first impression by having your most recent experience at the top.

Get across your personality and talk about out of work experiences and achievements, employers want to see that you as a person will fit their company culture.

Be job specific and try and relate your opening sentence to the sector you want to work in.

CV do's and don'ts

Don’t include

  • A profile picture or images
  • Birthday or age
  • Nationality or ethnicity
  • Marital status.

    Including these can lead to an employer discriminating against you.

Do include

  • Contact information
  • Full name
  • Location/full address
  • Business-related social media (LinkedIn profile/personal website)

Pre-interview advice

Research the industry – History and current trends.
Research the company – Culture, achievements, values and social media presence.
Locate the venue – What happens if there are transport delays? You want to arrive 10 minutes early and find a coffee shop close by and read through your notes.
Prepare your appearance – Follow the company dress code, make your look subtle you want to fit in with the company environment – not stand out. Prepare your look way in advance, you don’t want to be rushing around last minute.
Plan questions to ask – Training? What team would you be in? Company culture?

What to bring

  • Your CV
  • Photo ID (VISA if applicable)
  • Money

What NOT to bring

  • Big bags
  • Bulky items

Interview day advice

Be sure to call your recruiter before and after your interview.

Shake hands with the interviewer and any other attendees before and after.

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Stay still and try not to show nerves.

Be sure to use examples from real life experiences in your answers.

Understand the question before answering, you can ask the interviewer to repeat if needed.

Remain positive and radiate energy and enthusiasm!

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