Directors – You support and coach your people, but who guides and takes care of you?

It’s true isn’t it.

As leaders, we spend our every waking moment (and many of our sleeping moments too) considering how we can develop and support our colleagues to maintain their morale and develop their skills to help them to truly fulfil their potential.

That’s as it should be. That’s what we are supposed to do. That’s what we get paid to do. Provide guidance, direction, knowledge, experience, common sense and wisdom.

There is no doubt that when we actively influence and develop the skills and abilities of our people, we also gain enormous satisfaction and pride from the clear evidence that our positive contribution has made to their professional and personal lives.

It’s enormously fulfilling to be a teacher. A “guru”.

So, who constantly and consistently looks after your personal and professional development and mental health?

Really, anybody?

Anyone who has managed a business will tell you, it is often an isolating and lonely existence, and as human beings, we all need somebody to confide in, to listen to us, to empathise, particularly when the going gets tough.

So, in the absence of a close confidante and mentor, we just get on with it.

It’s not appropriate to discuss our innermost concerns and worries with our colleagues or staff, and often our closest and dearest partners, family and friends just don’t get what we are going through – plus, they have their own challenges and issue to contend with.

Where am I going with this?

In 2009, I set up LoveWorkLife Consulting to harness my 30 years plus of senior management experience and pass on my knowledge and know-how of successfully building and managing some of the UK’s highest performing recruitment businesses to other owners and directors.

Given that I had been in the industry since 1976, I passionately believed that I had accumulated a vast wealth of achievements and experience to share with others.

For almost a decade I have traversed the UK and abroad, supporting, listening, empathising, directing, advising, teaching, mentoring, coaching and developing talented and ambitious business leaders and key stakeholders, and if I say it myself, I have made a tangible and positive difference to them – their continuing growth is the absolute proof of their ROI.

And it has been great fun and seriously gratifying to help many of them become award winning businesses and business leaders (Investors in People Manager of the Year for one of my fondest clients last year).

You must earn experience, you cannot buy it, but you can confide in and learn from somebody who knows a thing or two about leading and inspiring businesses and colleagues to achieve outstanding results.

Importantly you can benefit greatly from the knowledge and expertise of a mentor who can ensure that you make the right decisions about your people and business just about every time.

It really is time to invest in yourself. We should talk.

Just make contact with me – and together let’s explore how I can guide and support you to achieve your aspirations and goals.

Paul Jacobs

Managing Director

LoveWorkLife Consulting

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