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Let’s face it, there are a lot of recruitment consultancies out there, and as an employer you may well believe that there is very little space available for the entry of yet another business. We all sound and act in exactly the same way – right? That’s why LoveWorkLife is revolutionising the recruitment industry, because we fervently believe that there is a large space for a recruitment consultancy that thinks and acts very differently.

Let’s start with our name LoveWorkLife – that’s a bit unusual, isn’t it? Love, Work and Life: three very separate and emotive words. But when you join them together as one elongated statement you create a very powerful new dynamic. Is it actually possible to Love your Work, Love your Life, indeed Love your WorkLife? Totally, utterly and completely; and we not only believe in this abstract concept, we endeavour to live and breathe it ourselves.

The pursuit of happiness should be everybody’s life goal, and we know that work has a dominating impact on our mental well-being; if you are engaged in a role that you love, the feel-good factor permeates every level of your life supporting a  rewarding existence.

LoveWorkLife is not a shallow marketing stratagem; it sits at the very core of our ethics, values and behaviours as individuals and as a business. Our goal is actually quite simple. We listen carefully; we work in close collaboration with you; we give of ourselves to support you to achieve your personal and business goals, and we truly value loyalty and friendship. We offer a wide range of benefits to our job seekers and employer clients and we are only satisfied with our work when they express delight with our assistance.

And, we do this with a respectful, cheerful and positive attitude, and a zest for our work that reflects the important part that we play in your lives, finding you appropriate opportunities that match your talents and aspirations and introducing you to employees who will make a major and profound difference to your business. We do not take our roles lightly, although you will recognise in us all humility, good humour, old-fashioned common sense and hard-earned recruitment expertise and knowledge.

The LoveWorkLife directors are highly experienced industry veterans having lead and worked within world-class businesses; we know what candidates and clients expect; we have spent our careers meeting and exceeding expectations, only this time we are doing it as we believe the contemporary world of work wants it done – and directly for you.

Welcome to LoveWorkLife, isn’t it time for you to embrace our concept and vision and Love your WorkLife?Ironman sponsorship

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