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Senior Tech or Finance Recruitment Consultant – do things your way!

Salary based on experience + unlimited OTE commission for every recruitment consultant!!

Itching for more freedom and desperate for autonomy? Wish you could run your own recruitment business but don’t quite have the capital? Get ready to work differently.

We need you. We hope you’re a bit anti-establishment, a bit disruptive, and ready to break out of your restrictive current job. You’ll design and deliver your own annual business plan, establish your name in the market, and take responsibility for your world.

Your natural networking skills will grow your client base and your creative flair means you’ll use much more than just LinkedIn to attract and find awesome, ambitious humans for your roles. You’ll use every trick up your sleeve!

You’re not ‘a recruiter’, you’re so much more than that. A problem-solver, a mentor, an investigator, and someone who hears personal stories and has real, human conversations with seriously talented industry professionals. You don’t stop supporting your candidates once you’ve placed them, you continue supporting them as they grow throughout their career. Sound like you…? READ ON!

It’ll be like running your own business, but within our business. You’ll be surrounded by Recruitment Consultant mentors and expert recruiters who will guide you, support your decisions, and encourage you to keep smashing your targets. We won Best Newcomer at the 2016 GR Awards, so you know you’ll be surrounded by some of the best in the business.

You’re ambitious, so we put the power in your hands to progress as fast as you can handle, without boundaries. And because there are no boundaries, your earning potential is limitless too. You want a Recruitment Consultant job that inspires and challenges you each day and allows you to do what you love, right?

To succeed you will:

  • Lead with your brains not your mouth: We all know those people who talk the talk, but don’t actually DO very much..! You set the example, generating not only your own leads, but you help the rest of the team to develop their own target lists.
  • Break everything: We want your experience, so even want you to try all our systems and processes, take them apart them glue them back together into something even better that works perfectly for you! We want your tips, your tricks, your pet hates and your left-field ideas to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to everything we do
  • Take a helicopter view: Of course, you have that essential to-do list, but you constantly fly above your workload, prioritising and keeping an eagle eye out for opportunities. You’re not selfish with your clients, and you’ll use every possible opportunity to cross-sell.
  • Balance on a tightrope: You constantly make adjustments, adapting your approach and thought processes for every client. You work best when you’re sitting right inside the brains of your clients, anticipating their every move and working in partnership

Quals: This is about you, not pieces of paper or certificates. All that matters to us is that you’re a Recruitment Consultant who knows their stuff (you billed £120k+ last year) and you know you’re capable of more when you’re allowed to just get on and do things without limitations.

We make a point of getting out of your way, letting you do your thing while still being here for advice, coaching and ideas, as well as the odd drink on the roof terrace (strategy meetings, obviously…) We love tech, and actively hunt out tools that get the repetitive stuff out of the way quicker in order to focus on our most important job: the extraordinary humans we work with.

Ready to LoveWorkLife? Think you’re ready to be let off the leash and do things YOUR way…?

APPLY NOW! Send your CV to NOW and write ‘I’m ready to work differently’ in your covering email (I want to know you read the whole way through…). Tell us what makes you wish you could set up your own business, and why you think you could do things differently.

Work with us

LoveWorkLife (that’s us) is so much more than a name. There’s no cut-throat culture between colleagues. No sink or swim. No micro-management.

We don’t need that because we hire people who believe what we believe: Finding candidates their perfect job is a privilege, and we do our best work when we’re proud to come into work every day. Check out our team here.

We hire outstanding people and believe that the more top notch talent we hire, the more we can accomplish. We develop our people by giving them the opportunity to develop themselves. We nourish and nurture ambition, and we believe strongly in a culture of development and promotion.

If you’re excited because we’ve just described your dream company and culture, and you believe you would also “love to work differently”, we would LOVE to talk to you.

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