Social Media Screening

Have you had to let someone go recently?
Think about why they were let go. Could your company change any part of the recruitment process to catch this poor recruit before they were hired?
What if you were given a report of all their public social media and online activity?

Fact Checking

Some employers argue that information on social media enables them to check the reliability of information, that social media profiles reveal hidden or undisclosed truths. This assumption is that people post all their thoughts and actions without editing. Also, not everyone uses social media at the same level of engagement (in terms of the content they post as well as the frequency).
If you looked at your recently dismissed person’s profile what facts would you be able to call them out on?

Personality Fit

Another argument for screening social media is that some managers believe it allows them to draw conclusions about an applicant’s personality and character. People are relatively good judges of other people’s personality – it’s a caveman thing. It is also really hard to see intention through words; my partner sometimes misunderstands the tone of my messages. So, how is a complete stranger reading a post meant to understand if something was sarcastic or not.
Personality profiling tests have been around for years, these tests can be designed for a company’s culture. Results from these tests are not open to misinterpretation by hiring staff.

Beware of Trolls

What I image people want the social media scan to return is that the person is secretly a troll or Mother Teresa.
Bots will check every social media outlet and forum for language and words that are considered antisocial (racist, homophobic, islamophobia, misogynistic, etc.) or related to illegal activities. It would be relieving to catch these people before you potentially hire them but how many people will this be? I found this article on a screening company’s blog 20 Ways to fail a social media background check. I agree that some of these people shouldn’t be employed but other posts were clearly humour based. Comment below with your thoughts on this list.

Going back to your failed hire for the last time… Were they a troll? OR did they just dazzle you with good interview skills, that could have been caught with other AI technology such as facial analysis video interviews?

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